Sphinxes are ugly

In my opinion they really are. I have three cats they all have fur and they’re all gorgeous to me. Absolutely love ’em but if they were hairless trust me they wouldn’t remain in my house for very long at all. They look so weird without the fur all bony and to be honest the sphynx cat looks mean. But you know what, somewhere across the pond, down under, anywhere in the world there’s a person who loves the sphynx cat To me they look unfinished whereas to someone else they’re perfect. If I ever saw a sphynx in person I would cringe and if one ever crept into my house I would chase it out or RUN FOR COVER and get my little sister to chase it out what can I say I’m more a flight than fight. But for some people they would love they to have a sphynx cat in their house so much so that they buy them.

Now what’s my point here? Well my point is that just as some people love the sphynx, I loathe them someone out there loves something that others hate so instead of trying to fit the mould of what a particular person group of people social convention era fashion says is acceptable find another group that accepts you for you, or better yet carve out your own group accept yourself and then it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world says.
In everything you do you’re always gonna have two sides those who accept you and those who don’t like you like I how dislike the Sphynx cat  you are who you are, don’t change to please others only evolve to be better


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