RT to make a black girl mad

If you are on Twitter you may have seen this trending topic, ‘RT to make a black girl mad’ I mainly saw it in 2014 whilst cruising on my favourite part of Tumblr (black Tumblr) I saw a post that had all the online receipts about the abuse and slander that black women receive on social media mainly Twitter. It made me upset to see and I was shocked to see that most of the posts were by black men. Because up until that point I didn’t know that there was any animosity towards black women from black men, from other races sure but not our own but that was the case. Well, one particular picture caught my attention the caption was ‘RT to make a black girl mad’ which was a trend of white girls with ‘juicy’ butts posing with their butts to the camera and smiling this made me very upset. Now I wasn’t upset about their butt, I was worried about why on earth anyone would want to make us mad? Why is that fun for people? Why is the possibility of making a black woman upset entertainment for people especially black men? I know some people are going to say “Oh, it’s just a joke, don’t take everything too seriously.” As a black woman who is aware of the way the world sees me I don’t think this is a joke and I will take it seriously.

This trend speaks to a deep aspect of the twisted, racist society we live in. People enjoy making black people upset and then mocking and criticizing our reaction. One example is those ‘pranks’ that young white boys play in the hood in America where they actually go to low economic areas and do things to make the boys (mainly black) there upset and call it entertainment. Well this trend ‘to make a black girl mad’ is the black female equivalent to that. Of course no-one would play such a prank on black women as we could get them done for assault. So people go to a public but safe place to harass black women: SOCIAL NETWORK SITES. People slander black women all day for re-tweets and likes which they do receive in bucket loads. All in an attempt to crush the black woman’s spirit to make us believe that we are worthless, to police us because they believe we are too stupid to know how to act. These methods have worked so well that we now have black women saying things like this:


When the black man is being harmed physically by law enforcement to the point of death black women and pretty much everyone else gathers around and sets up protests and marches and demands changes AS THEY SHOULD. When the black woman is being harmed physically by law enforcement black women gather around and set up protests and marches, hardly anyone shows up for black women until we demand, beg or bare our breasts to call attention to our causes. When a black man’s self-esteem is harmed by the world there are people to help him especially the women in his like etc his mother, sister etc but when a black woman’s self-esteem is harmed there is hardly anyone helps. Why? Because they are the ones doing the harm. Sometimes the same black man that has received help from black women his whole life will turn around and cuss black women’s appearance, personality along with the rest of the world.

As people, we need to stop living in this world of ‘it’s just a joke’ and actually think about the impact of our actions. As I am writing this I am aware of the impact it may have on some people and I am using that awareness to ensure that I call people out without offending them because there is a part of me that wants to offend non-black people and black men they way I’ve seen some of them offend me but I am choosing not to because I know that words have power and I personally take no pleasure in making others mad. People need to understand that black women are not mules, we have feelings and emotions like everyone else. We are not all strong, not all of us can brush off the words, we don’t all have thick skin. Some of us have low self-esteem because of the slander and abuse we receive online and offline. I remember a scene from the T.V. series Being Mary Jane when a white man called Mary Jane (who is played by the stunning Gabrielle Union) an ‘ugly black monkey’ over a parking space. Do you know what she did? She went shopping then when she came home she went in her closet and cried. That’s right she didn’t total his car like the angry black woman so many ignorant people believe us to be. She did what a lot of human beings would do in that situation, she just cried. Because she is a human being, black women are human beings. So when people RT to make us mad it may actually just make us mad. We are not animals that should be provoked, we’re not puppets to be prodded and pulled for the desired affect. We are human beings HUMANS, with feelings, emotions and thoughts just like everyone else. So next time you want to ‘make a black girl mad’ ask yourself why do you want to hurt people who you’ve never met? What if your simple retweet is the push one black girl needs to commit suicide because she lives in a world that hates, degrades and mocks her existence? This is not funny, it’s not a joke it is racism if you don’t believe me watch this video and see if what this young women are saying is funny https://youtu.be/3h3-sOFnLYY?t=5m20s


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