How to succeed in your life this year

Hey guys, after being AWOL on this blog I am doing a double post feature today.

This post isn’t about how to make you successful in life no, it’s to help you to be successful in your life. Why? Because success is subjective success to some means lots of money, to others it means a strong, loving family, if you’re like me success may also include losing weight ha! The term success means something different to an 18 year old starting university than to a 35 year old who just got married. But I am going to try and help you how to be successful in the things in your life that you want to accomplish this year, I am doing this and will be successful if I also follow my own advice so here goes:

  1. Make a list
  2. Read it every month
  3. See if you’re on track
  4. If you’re on track keep on going
  5. If not then, check why modify your plans or change yourself

As I was writing this I just thought what if we make a bit easier and on the list we write a goal for each month. Because sometimes when we want to achieve something great it may seem out of our reach and we feel like we’re unable to do it even before we try. So this year, why don’t we try something different? Make your list but break it down, write doing something you’re going to do each month to get to your goal. Sound good? Ok then LET’S DO THIS THING!

Break it down into steps. THEN take the first step
Break it down into steps. THEN take the first step

There it is. Simple really 🙂


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