If you’re still breathing

Then it’s not over yet. I’ve given up many times before as I think I’ve said before on here.
And maybe as you’re reading this you may be going through something really horrific, maybe you’ve been betrayed by someone you trusted or you’ve received some bad news. I just want to say this if you’re still alive then it’s not over it can get better. That’s it. Every breath you inhale oxygen and expel carbon monoxide but you also have the power of decision. Its not easy when you get heart ripping news to just decide to be positive about it in fact most of the time its almost impossible I’ve been there and maybe will be there in the future. All I can say is that when I went through really bad times I cried, gave up, wanted to die and more but then I realised I need to go again, I have to move on, I have to go down a different path I can’t just sit here and do nothing I decided to keep going. And here I am today alive and doing things that I was once convinced I’d never be able to. So if you are alive it can get better, if you’re breathing you have a chance.



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