5 cities/countries I want to visit: San Francisco

As promised last week I would do a breakdown of each country so here we are lets talk about San Francisco. To be honest I am not completely sure why I want to visit the Bay Area but I know I really want to it’s just one of the places I want to be able to say I’ve been to. Usually when people say they want to go to America it’s usually New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas, but me?

I really want to go to the San of Cisco (ha just made that up going to use it). But the thing is unlike New York, Sanny Fri (oh another one) isn’t as advertised to us Londoners so I didn’t really have any landmarks or places that I especially wanted to visit so I did a little searching on Google my trusting friend and it didn’t disappoint here’s a list of things I found that I definitely want to do once I touch down in San Franny (I am on a roll):

1. Go to Mamas restaurant
I saw this on a websites to do list and then looked on the Mamas website which can be found here and boy oh boy. It looks amazing I am going to have to lose some weight so I can make it back when I go there because I am going to demolish that menu. Them people better watch out!

Wanna ride one of these
Wanna ride one of these

2. Ride the cable cars
I wanna ride on of these because it seems like a cool feature of San Francisco, also I’ve never been on one also it was mentioned on Big Bang Theory. MISSION ACCEPTED!

3. Visit Golden Gate Park
I like parks I don’t get to visit them as often as I would like because of time but I do like them. Their peaceful, beautiful and you can relax, have picnics sunbathe they’re just great. So why wouldn’t I visit San Franciscos great park. I most certainly will.

4. Go on Golden Gate Bridge
This one needs no explanation.

Well these are all pretty typical standard things for a tourist to do but when I get there its going to be a whole other different story I’m going to eat at all the good restaurants because I gotta eat and I will find a lot of interesting things to do planetarium anyone? Aww the day I get to go to San Francisco cannot wait! I hope you’ve got some ideas of what to do if you ever visit San Francisco or if you never thought about it maybe I’ve convinced you that it may be a worthwhile trip 🙂


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