I don’t want to learn I want to feel

Happy new year everybody I know I’m 1 month late but it was Chinese New Year yesterday so I’m not to far off right? Anyways I hope you all had a great new years eve and are having a wonderful start to the year.
So, something I’ve noticed is that more and more people are rejecting one of the most important things we have in this world, which is knowledge, whether it’s in education, in their relationships or even about themselves (something I’ve seen I do regarding my health) people seem to be disregarding knowledge. More than ever we’re hearing ‘no I don’t want to know about that I just want to know what I feel right now’, isn’t that the attitude we see with young people not wanting to know what consequences just caring about right now. If it feels good then do it! That’s the motto that seems to be creeping up on us I’ve had times when I’ve known that if I do/buy/eat/say this it’s going to cause problems but because I felt like it I did it and for sure I suffered the consequences. What did I do then? I disregarded the knowledge I had or could’ve learned but I just decided to do as I felt. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if our feelings weren’t dangerous but they are.

Feelings are dangerous because they only let you see here and now, your feelings don’t say oh no but if you do that later on this will happen. No, that’s the work of your brain, your brain warns you of the consequences, but unfortunately we don’t always listen. All I really want to say is this year I am going to make an effort in not listening to my feelings but actually learning. Researching into what’s good for me and doing, that’s what learning is, being taught something either directly or indirectly and then putting it into practice. What about you? Learn or feel? The choice is yours.


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