There’s only one city in the world that I love and can call home and that’s London, yes London baby. I’m not sure what everyone else’s opinion is about London but I know I love it. Yes sure sometimes the weather is dreary (while most of the time), sure the Tube is one of our slowest advancements compared to the underground systems in other countries, but by Jove, London is amazing. There’s a certain class I see in London that you don’t see anywhere else. True I’ve never really been to any other ‘major’ city but I’ve watched enough TV! Just joking (but not really) Londoners are so grumpy but instantly funny when something amusing happens. We’re so snippy but if we see someone that needs help, we help! We respect cherish and defend our right to personal space although everyone knows once you temporarily forfeit your right to personal space once you get on public transport (whatever time it is), we don’t talk to strangers because mummy told me not to talk to strangers  or maybe because we’re too grumpy. We don’t see the need for fake politeness which is why when a Londoner is polite to you, you should take it as a real honor because WE DON’T DO THAT (often!). We will write complaint letters about anywhere and everywhere, we think it’s funny to mislead tourists (not me personally but I’ve seen it on Twitter) by giving them wrong tips. If you stand on the left on the elevators we WILL KILL YOU (with our stares and occasional “Can you move please”!)

london is the best

Aw London a place packed with grumpy but fabulous people, I don’t think there’s any place like London, many people say oh New York is like London just bigger and louder but I disagree, I think New York has too much pride in it, like Oh if you make it in New York you can make it anywhere. New York seems to me to give false hope whereas London shrugs its shoulders and says “Listen if you work hard, work smart you just might make it, but if you don’t cheer up mate life goes on”. London is a realist sometimes its more pessimistic other days its optimistic but at the end of the day London is real. What you see is what you get. And that’s some of the few reasons why I LOVE LONDON.


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