Tough but fair!

This is how I am, or at least try to be. I had a conversation with my sister that revealed something about myself that I don’t think I’ve ever acknowledged before.
I’ve always been tough, secondary school bullying forces you to have thick skin. I’ve been through hard situations that really could have broken me but thank God they didn’t. But I haven’t always been fair in life recently because of certain decisions I’ve made I’m trying daily to be fair and honest in everything I do and let me tell you it’s not easy. Personally I think these two things are qualities every human being should have.

Because these two things together make up a perfect balance . Let me explain:

Being tough:
Being tough doesn’t mean being mean, no tough means being resilient, not compromising, withstanding hard situations. Think about how many times you gave up when you should have stood firm, because of not being tougher than your problems or that situation that made you give up. I can’t count how many I’ve given up because I couldn’t handle it anymore and if I had just been tough enough to stick it out maybe I’d have achieved my goals by now. But there’s no time to live in regret we gotta move on.

Being fair:
Being fair doesn’t mean to be a push over, it means to be honest and just in everything you do. I’m convinced that NO human being can truly ever be 100% fair. Why you may ask. Because at the end of the day human beings have family and friends who at the end of the day usually ALWAYS come first. However, we can still be fair which means to treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination. Now most people if you ask will say oh I don’t discriminate but I want to ask if then hardly anyone wants to admit they discriminate against how come so many people feel discriminated against. It’s not easy to be fair in this world, everyday we are persuaded by people, media that because a person has/does/wears A they must be a B, also when you actually see certain stereotypes coming true it can be hard to act without discrimination. But we must, hell I must, there are so many instances when I’ve discriminated against other people and I’m ashamed to say this because I know how much I hate to be discriminated against.

Being tough and fair is a hard but important balance for people to have because having too much of one and not the other means we’ll either be rude or a pushover, always try and find the right balance. Be firm but fair


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