Discussion time: Women’s values

Hey guys I know its been a while and I haven’t forgotten about the who-am-I complex solution post I’ve just been a preoccupied and to be honest a little lazy. But today I want to start a new feature on this blog which is discussion time. Now obviously by the word discussion it means you guys need to interact with me or else I’m just going to look sad. So what I want to discuss today is Women’s values. I for one am no stranger to this topic I have read so many articles and blog posts about women. Today however I would like to discuss something I heard recently. I heard someone say this:

Men are looking to succeed in life whereas women are looking for a family

Now I have a very strong thought about this comment I’m not gong to reveal it just get because I want to save that for a post and I don’t want anyone to be influenced by my thoughts on this statement. I want the RAW HONEST truth from you guys. So what do you think about women’s values? Do you agree with the statement above that women mainly want a family unlike men who mainly want success? Or so you think there has been a merge or shift in women’s values as time has evolved? Leave your comment below and let’s discuss?


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