21 Day Challenge: Intro message

Aww for you who are doing this challenge welcome. Kudos for accepting and committing to this challenge. Now I’m going to say something I hope you don’t get offended by but in this challenge , you’re in this alone mate. Ha! Alright let me explain I’m not going to be posting messages about my experience and as I said before I don’t expect you to. This is something you need to do just for you. If you’ve decided to this challenge I commend you but I won’t be posting any messages for the next 21 days because I’m also staying away from all media. There are times in our lives when we have to stand alone this is one of those times (cheesy but true). I don’t want you to do this challenge because you think I’m going to do cool messages about each day as I am not also isn’t this blog still a type of media? I want you to do this challenge to improve you. To get rid of the toxic waste the media dumps on us everyday and focus on what is really important. If when you finish this challenge you want to let me know about your experience leave a message.

As said before check out this link uckg.org/21days which I will be following and is the inspiration for this challenge, if you want to see why these days are important.



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