The Love School Event

I’ve spoken about this event before on this blog but didn’t get much feedback on what you guys thought about it, so as it’s happening this Sunday I just want to discuss it once more. This event is going to be a seminar on relationships. It’s going to teach people how to love, I know a lot of you guys will say how can you be taught how to love? Love is a feeling how can you teach someone a feeling?

Well I disagree, love isn’t a feeling it produces good feelings but in actuality love is an action. You show your love for someone by how you treat them by what you do. Many people fell on ‘love’ because of how that person made them fell but hen after some time after the cheating, the abuse and the lies they realise it wasn’t really love but just feelings. You can make someone feel something for anything but love is an action. It’s through looking after her newborn baby with the utmost care that a mother shows her love not through making that baby feel anything. It’s through being completely faithful to his wife that a husband shows his love for his wife not by the way he makes her feel. Feelings are deceitful that’s one thing I’ve seen for myself, they come and go but true love remains through everything all the bad and good. That’s what this event is about it’s about equipping people with the tools so that they can really learn how to love their partner.

How many people thought that their partner loved them because they always felt good and safe with them but then one day they found out their partner was cheating? How then was that love that’s just as feeling not love. This event will teach people how their partner needs to be loved, it will expose the subtle differences between the two genders, it will give tips on how to overcome loneliness, hurt, arguments, and differences in a marriage because the speakers have gone through them and have overcome them. It’s not going to a class telling you what to do, it’s going to guide and advice you on how to make your relationship bullet proof. How can you pass it up? I really don’t know but still leave me a comment let me know why you are/ are not interested in this event. Love SOSO x


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