21 Day Challenge

What up peeps! I hope you are all well and good because I have something that will make you be even better. It’s a challenge that I am also going to be doing for 21 days. This challenge will be a no media challenge. NO MEDIA? Yes I know some of you are thinking SOSO you’re crazy what do you mean no media for 21 days?
Well hear me out, media is a great thing it passes on a lot of information, it connects people and places. It’s a wonderful thing when used in the right way, but lets be honest nowadays most people don’t use media in the right way, people use it to pass on their own negativity onto others, they use it to abuse and bully others and sometimes people use media to destroy their lives e.g. Internet addiction, wasting time on social networks. In these times there are no breaks from the media, people are connected and plugged in at all times, at work, at home, at dinner time, with their families, on the tube, even in the toilet! We’re never away from the media it has become a necessity to many people. That’s what this challenge is about, its a way to give some distance from media, to focus on things that are actually important in life rather than checking all the updates on Twitter or clicking through hundreds of pictures on Facebook. I would like to invite you to do a no media challenge for the next 21 days starting on Monday 23rd September 2013. It sounds hard and trust me it is but I’ve done it before and I’ll tell you it’s well worth it, there’s a sense of accomplishment you get when you’ve completed it knowing you’ve just done something most people wouldn’t even attempt. If you don’t want to do it then don’t, I’m not going to try and convince you because when an opportunity that’s as amazing as this one comes along people don’t need to be persuaded to do it the wise jump on it. But just think if you can’t just give up 21 days to better yourself, to learn something new how will you be able to achieve anything in life, everything that you want to achieve requires a certain level of sacrifice and if you can’t just sacrifice 21 days to restrain from media how will you be able to sacrifice things in the future for success in the dreams you have. Food for thought. If this challenge sounds interesting then welcome, welcome to 21 days to prove to yourself that there are more important things in life than media.

Here are some answers to questions you may have about this challenge:

What is the 21-Day challenge?
The 21-Day challenge is to abstain from media so that you can use the time to focus on the more important things in life: your faith (if you have a faith), your family, your career, your own development, people in need around or anything which you see as important. The intent of this challenge is to help you see that when we complain about not having enough time it’s because we waste our time with media on things that won’t really benefit us.

What constitutes as media?
-Social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter,
-Gossip Magazines
-Newspapers(except for work)
-Internet (except for work or for your own development e.g. Studying)

So exactly what I am supposed to do if I can’t even read the news or books for 21 days?
Invest in the things which are important to you, if your faith is important to you instead of reading about what Rihanna was wearing on Daily Mail, read something that relates to your faith. If your relationship is important to you then spend the time you would’ve spent on Facebook with your partner. If your career is important to you instead of going through all of Kanye’s tweets learn something new in your field that could help you develop quicker in your career. I could go on but I think you get the gist. Use these 21 days to do something that will help you in the future, lose weight, start learning a new language, help a local charity, maybe use the non media time to start that business plan for the business you’ve always wanted to own. Hmmm…

What if I can’t do the 21-Day challenge can I shorten it to 10 or 15 day?
It’s up to you homie! But really it is if you know that there’s no way you can do 21 days of no media then don’t deceive yourself thinking oh yes I can and then give up halfway. This is a 21-Day challenge but if you reallycan’t do it for 21 days then modify it to suit you but ask yourself why it’s so hard for you to give up media for 21 days out of 365

I work in the media or I use it for my job how can I do the 21 Day challenge?
Great question! If you use the media for your job then of course you cannot do it but you can commit to not using media for personal purposes e.g. Watching tv or going on Facebook for anything that’s not work related.

Why should I do this 21-Day challenge? What’s in it for me?
Think it about this way. What could you achieve if you took all the time that you spend on the Internet, watching tv listening to music and did something productive? Think about the possibilities, the opportunities you could create for yourself if you just lifted your head up while walking rather than buried in your iPad (I do this regularly I need to stop)? Also consider this most inventions we have nowadays happened in a time when there was no media isn’t it funny how with more knowledge and technology people haven’t been inventing as much useful things as we have today etc. electricity, the telephone, maybe the easy access to television, social media contributes to this.

So there it is folks, I’m handing this proposal to you I hope you will take it. I know it’s not for everyone and that’s how I know it’s a great thing because if something is for everyone it has no value. Now with this challenge I’m not going to keep tabs on whoevers doing it you don’t need to write a comment to let me know of you’re in do this for yourself. If you decide to do it and at the end want to let me know how it’s been for you, then feel free to email me at sophia_07xx@hotmail.co.uk. Peace xx

Also if you want you can check out this link uckg.org/21days to see why I’m doing the 21-Days you could learn something.



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