M.I.A: Missing In Action

I’ve been M.I.A but I’m back baby I’ve got a lot of things to do some of them concerning to this blog actually, I want to start promoting people who have original work that they want to get out there so email me at sophia_07xx@hotmail.co.uk if you want me to blog about your work, I’ve actually got someone I may start blogging about plus new series, travel sections I want to introduce and different features that I want to do on this blog, but this all takes planning and resources, which takes time. Which is something I don’t have in abundance right now. Time is something we all have but something we all still need more of, we all have 24 hours in a day but for most of that most of us are either sleeping and working. Any ‘free’ time you have is spent on the many errands you have to do. So when you actually have free time most people just want to eat, relax and catch their breath.

There lies the problem there are times when you just can’t relax, slowing down puts things at a halt. One thing I’ve noticed in people who are successful is they don’t stop, even me I like to think that I’m kinda of successful and truth be told in comparison with some of my uni peers I am why is this? Because whilst at uni I was on the go I worked hard, one summer I was determined to learn C++ and I did a tutorial on my own, no one to motivate me, no real incentives to keep me going just me and my willingness to learn something that would be useful in the future. If I remember correctly I was also working that summer but I still found time to learn a new programming language. Learning C++ was one of the things I put on my C.V and that helped me to get an internship that lead to a full time job. Now just imagine if that summer I had been like oh its been a long year of studying let me take this time to relax no more learning. I probably wouldn’t have got my internship or my current job and would probably be looking for work now. I’m not bragging at all because Lord knows I’m not like how I used to be ever since I started working full time I’ve found myself very drained so much so that it’s hard for me to do other things, like reading or learning something new. All I’m saying is its ok to be M.I.A for a while but then you need to back on the ball. I’ve said it before if you’re not doing anything your just a zero nothing is being added or taken away from your life you’re just in the same situation and that’s just a waste. So I’m going to take my own advice and start looking for side projects I can turn into successes and I hope you do the same 🙂


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