5 cities/ countries I want to visit: Switzerland

Sorry this is a day late but here we are again, with my third instalment of the 5 places I would like to visit if you’ve been reading this blog then you know that I’ve scraped Tokyo and replaced it with Switzerland for places I want to visit. Here are the things I want to do in Switzerland:

1) Take an open lift/aerial tramway over/around Matterhorn Mountain: Now I’m not a hiker at all, but this mountain and the area looks amazing and it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We don’t have things like this in London I’m just imagining me and my family drinking hot chocolate while in the lift going over what I expect to be one of the most beautiful sights in nature. Also from the lifts from the Matterhorn glacier paradise station you can go to Glacier palace which from my understanding is a beautiful ice cave that has sculptures of ice glaciers and also one person said its a once in a lifetime experience. SOLD!

P.S. bring a sweater and thermal clothing if you’re planning to do this.


2) Visit Rhine Falls: it’s the largest plain waterfall in Europe so of course I’m going to go. I’ve never see a real life waterfall unless you count theme parks (which I don’t) so I would like to check this out see of its as impressive as it looks. This is already an adventure in itself but I’ve just seen the city train that takes you to Rhine Falls and it looks so cool thus another reason to go check it out:


And here’s a picture of Rhine Falls:


3) Visit CERN: Now this is more of a wish list item because the other things I’ve noted so far I could convince my family to do but this one I’m not so sure, because no one else in my family is involved in science, I’m not a physicist but I am a computer scientist and it would be amazing to be able to say I’ve been to the birthplace of the World Wide Web I guess I could force/bribe my little sister to come with me hmmm…

4) Visit Jungfrau: another mountain but this one is one of the main summits in the Bernese Alps, now I don’t know what that means but I do know there’s a train that helps walking tourists like you and me go around it if you don’t feel like climbing (which I don’t). It’s one of the most visited areas in the Alps and according to our friends at Wkipedia it has a hotel, two restaurants, an observatory, a research station, a small cinema, a ski school, and the “Ice Palace”, a collection of elaborate ice sculptures. Also if you’re a hiking enthusiast there are climbing routes so you can explore the mountain in a more natural way whilst I’ll be enjoying it from a train.

5) Eat the original Swiss chocolate: One of my favourite chocolate brands is Lindt (Lindor) this is the chocolate of chocolates, the reining king of chocolate, when all chocolate meet up Lindor is their leader. End of story, so where best to get the best chocolate than Switzerland the proud nation that Lindor was born. Although you can buy Lindor anywhere but in Swizterland you can eat Lindor and ALL the other delicious chocolate Switzerland has to offer. Ahhhh I would also like to visit some chocolate factories see the process, get some free samples, salivate and then spend most of my spending money on a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Yummy.

Well that’s my list of things that I really want to do whenever I get to go to Switzerland hope you’ve been inspired as well. Let me know which one you would do if you could go or if I’ve left something out.

Also another reason to go to Switzerland is I love the cold. When its hot its difficult for me because I sweat too much and you can’t escape the heat but you can always escape the cold.


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