When you want to but you just can’t

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in three days but honestly I have NOTHING to write about I even started my travel series about Tokyo and it’s like as I’m writing I’m finding out that maybe I don’t really want to go to Tokyo anymore. With the other cities I’ve blogged about as I did my research about those places (San Francisco and India) I found a lot of things I actually wanted to do when I got there but with Tokyo I’m really not, so I am switching it up, this Wednesday I am going to talk about Switzerland. For those of you who are moaning and whining about the fact that I’m not writing about Tokyo get over it dude. What you expect me to? Lie? No way I plan to be completely honest on this blog and I really don’t want to talk about Tokyo I think a lot has changed from when I wished I could go to Tokyo because now it just seems so boring. Maybe if I was to actually go I would think differently but I don’t see that happening in the near future so I can only go on what I think now. And right now, I’m not feeling Tokyo anymore.


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