You will arise again

This is a lyric from a song called He will come and save you. Check it out on YouTube I really love it especially the version by Bob Fitts. Now this isn’t a religious post but I just want to say something to you guys today as its Monday hopefully it’s something you guys can take and carry it with you for the whole week maybe longer. Sometimes life sucks. Things happen and we cannot understand why. We try to live a good life, not hurting anyone in fact we try to help others but it seems out of nowhere life just slaps us. For no reason things start to go wrong bit by bit or there’s one big tragedy that changes life forever. I cannot tell you why things go wrong or what caused it because I don’t know your life. What I can say is that the title of this song is true. You will arise again.

Now things are terrible you look back at the moment that caused this catastrophe and you keep thinking how different things would have been if that did happen or if that didn’t happen. You don’t see anyway to recover from this, you think this is definitely the worst period of your life, you may even think it would be better if you were dead. But you need to know this: you will overcome, I know this because I did, everything I’m saying is because I been through the worst time in my life when I just didn’t see any light, when all my future plans were destroyed in just a single moment. In my eyes I was a failure, I was ashamed. disappointed, I even think I cried myself to sleep. However I got through that and you can too, you can arise again. Things will get better, there will come days where you’ll look at this time as a difficult time in your life that you made it through, you will be able to talk to other people about it, I know because I am and I know people who are able to talk about the worst time in their life, whether its about family, relationships, financial failure. The point is everyone has that worst time in their life that sets the tone for the rest of their lives. For some this time completely destroys them and their never able to recover for others this time stays with them whilst they live their lives never truly getting over it and for others they use this time to make them better, stronger, more resilient, they use it as a life lesson. It’s not easy to be in the third group, but me personally each time I’ve gone through traumas I’ve had to adopt the third frame of mind to just keep going. I refused to allow myself to keep feeling sorry for myself forever, sometimes I’ve wallowed I self-pity for months but then there came a time when I snapped out of it.

I won’t lie it’s been very rare that I’ve been able to snap out of my self-pity alone, usually I have an army of family, friends, mentors that I talk to who give me encouragement, support and confidence to keep going. Without them it would be much harder for me to have gone through certain life experiences. However, what about you who is reading this post? What about if you don’t have anyone to support you? Does this mean you can’t make it through the worst times? No way! In your case I would say something that I’ve heard and believe to be true and recently have to practice myself you have to be your own best friend. Some people have faith that keeps them going, family and friends are some other people’s support system, if you don’t have any of these you need to become your own support system. You need to be strong to get through it, no one likes to go through things alone but sometimes you have to. Even when you have a large support system, there will come times when you cannot turn to them and will need to be strong alone. Think like this ok this has happened and it sucks but do I want to live the rest of life miserable and upset because of this thing? If you answer is no then seek help from your faith, family, a professional and decide I am going to arise again and as you act on this thought you will see yourself arise again.


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