Music: the love

Hey guys, I’m going to start doing another series (I’m actually loving these series) of posts, this one is going to be on music. I’ve just been inspired to do this because I just heard one of my favourite intros and it got me thinking about music. For me music has been a big part of my identity, like you know where I am at, you know who I am based in my music, the music I listen has evolved and changed as I’ve evolved and changed. I listen to it all the time I know a lot of people say that and my case it’s true, for me my music is my comfort zone, its how I focus and also relax. At work one of my project managers has said to me “you’re always plugged in aren’t you?”

And he’s right unless I’m talking to someone or if I’m working on something nerve wrecking I’m listening to something and its usually music. Every Friday for the foreseeable future I am going to go through the different meanings music has had and does have for me. I can’t write about what music means for other people because I don’t know anyone else’s experience with music. I can only write about what I know because mama didn’t raise no liar.

Today I’m going to talk about music, the love. Which means the love I have for music. As I mentioned before I was listening to my music library and one of the intros of a song came on and I was just happy. Why? Because I think it’s one of the best intros ever. This is what I love about music, it can make you feel so happy, and at peace with everything. If you’re having an average dull day and you listen to that song it immediately lifts your soul and you smile and think aw life is good this song is so amazing. Other times you really happy, the day is going great and you listen to that song that makes you feel even better that song that makes a great day turn into a perfect day. Then there are times when you’re sad and you listen to that song that empathises with you that expresses exactly what you’re feeling in that moment. I think this is one of main reasons why I and possibly like music because it works with our emotions. It makes us feel accepted it expresses what’s inside of us.

Music is able to say what we can’t say, it’s able to unite complete opposites and promote ideas that have been ignored. I love this I think music is so amazing, there are times that I’m stressed out at work then I take a breath and put my headphones in and it’s like that’s my peace I can finally relax. Music has the ability to remind you of forgotten memories, wonderful experiences and people that time may have erased. It’s truly grand, a life without music is bland. Music is really something I’m thankful for having in my life, it helps me I know that sounds weird but everyone has those things in life that they use as a peace maker or stress reliever, for some its food, money, shopping for some its a particular person and for others it music. From smooth jazz to punk rock everyone loves music. Leave a comment below let me know what you love about music, next week Friday I’m going to discuss music the hate all the things I hate about music. See you then



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