Just get it

Get it wrong, get it wrong but get it. These words were spoken by true role model for me, and its true. Sometimes we are so worried about getting a decision wrong that we do nothing. This is the worst thing that human beings do, nothing. When you do nothing you stay stuck, you don’t progress, year by year goes by and you see others conquering, and breaking through whilst you’re in the same or even worse situation.

I know that the thought of failing can be so stifling and frightening that it seems better to just not do anything than to go through the pain of disappointments and failure, this thought is heightened especially if you (like me) have been through many failures. I know sometimes you think I just can’t take it if this goes wrong. But you know what? You can! Even if you fail so what? Failure is not a pleasant thing to go through but it’s a part of life. It would be lovely not to fail but sometimes you fail thats not the problem though. The problem is when instead of you just failing you actually become a failure. Hmmm how does someone become a failure I hear you ask. Well we become failures when we do nothing.

When you do nothing you become a zero, you don’t add or subtract anything to your life you’re at zero. I can’t guarantee that my plans are going to go well, but I can tell you something if I fail at something I will not give up entirely. There are some people who have failed and from that just gave up they’ve resigned to the thoughts of I’ll never win life sucks so what’s the point?. They are incubuses of negativity and spread it wherever they go. So all I’m saying today is don’t be a zero or a failure. Just get it, stop being afraid of getting it wrong and just get it.


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