5 cities/ countries I want to visit: India

Continuing our 5 places to visit today we visit India. India aww this is one of my fondest countries even though I’ve never been I know when I get there I am going to love it. The culture, fashion, food and landmarks are just beautiful to me. I can literally imagine me having the best time there. So here’s my rundown of the places that I want to visit and the things I want to do when I finally trek over to India:

1) Visit the Tag Mahal: the first is the most typical but seriously it looks amazing and I love it when countries have famous landmarks, it gives you obvious things to do in a land that you would otherwise not know what to do. The Tag Mahal is in Agra, also the Tag Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world.

2) Go on a houseboat: I saw this whilst looking up things to do in India and it looks quite nice a boat on the river, in today’s society we rarely have time to just relax, and think. We’re either too busy and tired so I think this will be a great activity for those who really want to relax on holiday like I intend to, also as there’s no one around except whomever is on the houseboat with you it will be peaceful and quiet. Aww the dream peace and quiet. Also look at the picture below now isn’t that a wonderful sight:


3) Have a lot some biryani: Let me explain although if you’ve had Biryani you already know :). I encountered the delicious genius that is Biryani when I was in my last year of uni. I was in a shop and I something smelled really nice. I spoke to my bestie about it and she said “Oh it was probably Biryani” or something to that effect. Well a long story short I got it from the same shop and my oh my, lets just say that now I LOVE biryani. Before I thought special fried rice was the best rice ever but now its kind of a tie (but special fried rice does still kinda win). So my logic is if in this country biryani is amazing in the country of its origin its going to be AMAZING!

4) Get a sari: In my area there are quite a few South Asian clothes shops and whenever I go past them I can’t help admiring the saris and dresses. The designs are so intricate and beautiful, the cut is modest and still modern. I think saris are gorgeous, I’m hoping to get a white one 3/4 length sleeves with a gold design. Cannot wait.

5) Visit the Valley of Flowers National Park: Why? Well I’m going to answer that with a few visual aids:




So as you can see the Valley of flowers is absolutely beautiful, also if you’re going to India with a partner I think it would be such a great place to visit as a couple.

Ah there that’s my compressed list of the things I want to do in India once I get there, I hope I’ve inspired you about visiting India one day see ya next week for our continuing series on travel places


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