The fear in having dreams and goals

Everybody tells you to have dream. Have a dream they say it’ll take you far in life they say, and whilst I agree with them no-one tells you about the fear that comes with having dreams. The fear that you may never achieve them, I know about this fear because I experience it at times. There are times where I think will it really happen? , or is it realistic can I really achieve it? Its scary because there’s nothing that guarantees that I will see my dreams materialised. So what do I do with this fear? Personally I don’t have a particular defence of attack against these fears. All I do is believe that it will happen. Although my dreams may be quite big I refuse to accept that they won’t happen. I believe that somehow they will and this keeps me going.

You see, fear is in everyone fear comes to everyone.

If someone tells you they don’t have any fears they’re a liar because they most certainly have a fear of admitting that they have fears (that’s a tongue twister). But the difference is when you allow those fears to become your own thoughts. Your thoughts are like the cells in your body everything is going well, you’re confident about what you want to achieve, everything is a-ok, then comes fear like cancer, it invades the mind without warning or invitation and starts to infect your normal thoughts so from one fearful thought more are born, until your whole mind is only filled with negative, fearful thoughts that hinder you from taking any form of action because you are too scared. Now some fears are good as they stop you from doing dangerous things that will harm yourself or others but most fears are not good, for example I have a fear of public speaking, ha even presentations for my colleagues freak me out, this isn’t a good thing because I have many dreams about my career, so this fear of speaking to people could be a major hinderance to my career if I don’t overcome it. So in my case I need to do something to remove these fears that are lodged in my mind about public speaking, I need to deal with the fear that people may hate whatever I’m saying and just do it. This doesn’t mean that I’m ever going to enjoy public speaking or that I’m going to talk to 2000 people next year. NO WAY! All it means is that when the time comes for me to speak in public for my career I will have to battle those thoughts and I will have to win. Because if I don’t win against those fears it means that I’m weak, and I probably won’t ever achieve my dream.

Overcoming fears isn’t easy, most of the time you actually see your fears being confirmed in a personal experience or with someone else and you convince yourself that you’re fears are perfectly justified, which it may be, but the point is fear or no fear you need to carry this thought with you. What I want is more important than wanting to hide behind my fears.



13 thoughts on “The fear in having dreams and goals”

  1. public speaking is like building an edifice…

    it takes time
    especially with introverts.
    but it dosent mean you cant

    you would pocess the most amazing words as an introvert but the fear usaully is saying it.

    you can, you should.

  2. you know what?

    by my analysis if that is truly you, then i guess the fear you suffer from is the usual with phlegmatic and melacholic tempramental people.either way you are introverted.
    look i am also, and i feel the fear all the time.
    funny enough im a law student and a public speaker, most times when i speak i awe my crowd…but its just by some little principles

    1. Yes I am quite introverted I like my own space and don’t chase the limelight at all, but sometimes it can be crippling because I’m to scared to do something that could really help me, but when I really want something there are times I just ignore the fear and go for it.

      Wow that’s cool I couldn’t do public speaking now ever maybe in a couple of years time but no time soon its like one of my nightmares.

      1. but i must confess that by my research these set of people are the most gifted and talented people on the planet earth.

        really youll need constant motivations
        -im happy i met someone like me.

        but those fears could be your greatest assets, if well managed.
        phobia is just the fear of ability and not disability.
        -its subconscious, metaphysics.

      2. Aw thanks then you too. I do like motivations but not all the time when I really want something I can motivate myself even when no one else is around but motivation from others does mean a lot to me

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