Living at home

This is going to be a short post but I just wanted to comment on living at home I’m 22 and its something I’ve always done. I’ve never moved out home only to visit other family members or go on courses outside of my home and its never really been a problem for me except for when I was starting uni I never really had a great desire to live on my own.

Recently though as I’ve been getting older and more assertive and sure of myself arguments and disagreements have began to arise between me and my mother. Which is bound to happen when you have two adults in one house it hasn’t been easy because 1) I’ve never really had many arguments with my mum and 2) I hate arguments. I’m quite a peaceful person been though I can be quite loud so I mostly prefer calm environments without too much noise especially if that noise is an angry noise. So due to these arguments I’ve found myself sometimes resorting to thinking about moving out. Once I even said to my mentor that I’ve decided that I a going to move out after a particularly frustrating conversation. Now at the time it seemed like a perfectly logical thing to do. I’m not happy at home so I should move out so that I can be happy right? WRONG! The correct statement is I’m not happy at home right now so I need to look for a way to resolve this problem and avoid it happening again in the future. Right now I’ve decided that I’m not going to move out because things are going well and that’s the point so many times in the heat of the moment we usually let our emotions take over and make decisions based on them. All the while forgetting that emotions come and go, life decisions cannot ever be made on them what I felt like doing when I had an argument with my mum isn’t what I feel like doing now, which is why instead of following my feelings which usually end up deceiving me I am going to follow what I think.

You see if I thought about it when I was telling my mentor I want to live home I would have trout about all the costs not just financially but also emotionally. I would have considered the cost of paying rent and the cost of coming home to an empty house everyday, the cost of not having my mum there or my little sister, the cost of not being with all my cats and I would have been able to see that while living at home may be stressful at times moving out because of one incident doesn’t make any sense. So that’s what I’m going to do use my head not my heart to make my decisions I think it’ll help


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