The top 5 cities/countries I want to visit

I’ve always wanted to travel but opportunities, time and money has often hindered this dream of mine however I am determined that once in my life I will fulfill my dream and visit all the countries I want to. So here’s my travel to do list in no particular order:

1. San Francisco

2. India

3. Tokyo

4. Paris

5. New York or LA

Travelling is something I think is so important you get to find out about different culture, experience a world that’s different from your own, you meet different people also you can come to the realisation that although you may love it your hometown may not be the best city in the world (apart from London because London is the best).
Now I’m going to give you a breakdown of each country/city in 5 subsequent articles every Wednesday so next Wednesday will be all about the Bay Area San Francisco, the week after India and so on. So see you next Wednesday.


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