When failure turns into success

I have failed at many things in my life and let me tell you it hurts. I’m a hard worker when I want something, I put in the work that’s necessary and then some. When I want something I’ll stay up all night working at it. Sleep can wait. But still I have failed, I’ve failed in my education, in friendships and in commitments at the time of my failures it was hell. I was distraught, absolutely shattered because when I work hard for something I’m more than optimistic, in my mind there’s no way that I can fail considering the work I’ve put in, so to turn around and actually realise I’ve failed was mind blowing for me. However, looking back on my failures I’ve seen that they’ve mostly been vital and beneficial to where I am now.

In the case of my education I was in college and expecting certain grades to get into the university I wanted to go and had been accepted into, the day of my results came and I was so happy looking at two of my grades but then I saw the dreaded letter and it was all over. I remember walking and crying on the phone to someone that I had failed. Truly it was one of the worst times of my life because I had poured my heart into my dream of studying a certain subject at uni and now that dream was lost. What I didn’t know was failing that subject enabled me to go to a really great uni where I studied Computer Science which I fell in love with and now I’m an Analyst Programmer with so many plans for my future, honestly now I’m a developer I couldn’t imagine being anything else, I really love it.

I just think this pic is funny but still there’s no age at which you can be sure you’re a failure. You’re only a failure when you decide you are.

In the case of my friendships I failed because I was rash and out of emotions I treated those who were around me in a bad way, but now in hindsight I see that maybe its ok I don’t talk to those people anymore. I’ve made other friends who I may have never spoken to if I had still been holding onto those friendships also now when I speak to certain people from my past I see that they’ve taken a certain path in life that I haven’t, so maybe it worked out for the best for both of us.

Of course it’s not a great thing to lose people, failing at things hurts as I’ve said before but I look at my life today and I think how come even though I’ve failed so many times am I in such a good place how come my life is progressing as the result of certain failures? Well there are many answers but I believe one of them is that even when I failed I never gave up. When I failed at college I cried and was very upset but then with the help of my wonderful sister I kicked into gear and started searching for universities that would accept me instead of despairing that no one would. When me and my best friend of four years + stopped talking I didn’t stop trusting people and resign myself to be a loner for life never investing in my friendships never. I have many examples in my life where I’ve failed but soon after I picked myself up and took another route I found another way of course with help (thank God!)

Now maybe I’ve been able to do this because its my personality or the way I was raised. But what about you? What about you who have also failed but you then gave up does it mean you’ll never be able to pick yourself up again? NO! Of course you can, even if you’ve failed in the past and totally gave up you can still start again. It’s not easy but only way to turn a failure into a success is to not give up on trying. You just can’t give up! Now don’t get me wrong I have given up on many things in the past but do you know what? I regret giving up because I think where would I be today had I not given up? That’s a horrible feeling to have now of course we can’t wallow in regret, but the easiest way to regret something is to give up on it. I’m not talking about situations where you need to quit to protect yourself but situations where things are hard but the rewards will be great. You can’t give up in these times these times differentiate the winners from the losers. And no one wants to be a LOSER. The only time my failures have turned into successes is when I refused to give up on what I wanted just because I had failed.


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