Some people are just born offended

I read this (the title of the post) on another blog and I just started laughing it was so funny to me because its so true. Some people in this world manage to take offence to anything even if its innocent! You: Oh I have the most beautiful daughter in the whole world. Over sensitive easily offended person: Hey there are many beautiful daughters in the world stop being so selfish and think about someone else for a change, how do you think calling your daughter the most beautiful girl in the whole world makes other girls feel? Ha! Ok that’s a very exaggerated example but still I wouldn’t be surprised if a scenario similar to this one has happened to you or of you’ve witnessed it. Witnessing someone take offence to material which isn’t offensive is absolutely hilarious, it’s almost as if they went over the material a thousand times, read between all the lines to conjure up something that isn’t there to take offence to and then started harping on that the owner of the non-offensive piece is an ignorant bigot who belongs in the dark ages.


I rarely take offence unless if something is racist, sexist or just explicitly rude. These times for me I feel like offence is warranted. For others they take offence to a larger or smaller scale than me and that’s fine, that’s their prerogative. But when people start taking offence at things which are just someone else’s opinion it startles me. I think why are you getting mad for? For example someone says they feel bikinis are inappropriate as they show to much skin and they won’t be wearing them and then someone pops up and calls them ignorant. WHAT? Excuse me? She’s ignorant because she doesn’t like bikinis I’m just like why you getting mad at her for her opinion. That’s crazy hearing and respecting different opinions leads to spirited constructive debates and I love debates. Imagine a world without debates *shivers*

I don’t necessarily enjoy hearing someone being racist but I’m not going to start cussing you. If you want to feel that way I feel sorry for you but at the end of the day that’s your opinion. Now it’s fine to get offended from time to time, sometimes certain things are said that cannot be tolerated and in these cases get offended, stand up and say something I support that, but don’t become this person who finds fault in everything. Who once you hear something you don’t like instead of acknowledging that you didn’t like you start picking at it and getting defensive and criticising it. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you and you always getting offended is not going to do anything except make you upset and make you look petty.


People who get easily and regularly offended are those who don’t like to hear opposing views, which is funny, because as we live in a world where no two people are the same, you’d think they would’ve learnt that not everyone is going to say something that they will agree with but it would seem they haven’t. We can’t expect everyone to only say the things you like, as I said before people are going to oppose at times but its important we know the difference between offensive material and just a difference in opinion. If you find yourself constantly getting offended you need to bear in mind your opinion will be opposed that’s part of life, as a well-balanced human being we should all be able to hear and respect other people’s views without letting them change ours unless a change in our views is necessary. So what do you think about this? Leave a comment let me know if you agree that sometimes we can be overly sensitive or if you think this is necessary in this day and age.


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