Don’t throw your pearls away

This is a passage from the Holy Bible well part of a verse – now before you start rolling your eyes this isn’t a religious post let’s just try and have an open mind. I fully agree with this statement, I think it can apply to every part of life and if practiced it can have amazing results.


The meaning of this verse for me is to not give away what is important to things that have no value, if you think about it we tend to do this everyday. All over the world we see people giving away the important things in life to things which are not good. For example; we see children giving away the precious advice of their parents to fit into a certain behaviour that’s been set by the media and their friends who don’t care about them at all.
But instead of holding onto the pearl they’ve received from their parents what do many kids do nowadays? They say YOLO and live life recklessly they throw their precious life away to drugs, drink, frivolous living which all turns out to be a swine at the end of the day. We see parents throwing the precious pearl of a united family to the swine of an extramarital relationship which tears their family apart, destroys years of sacrifice and commitment and sometimes the relationship with the other person doesn’t even last.

Concerning other people there’s not much we can do except warn them of wasting their pearls away and try to help. But with ourselves there’s a lot we can do, we can 1. identify what our pearls are. As we are all different our pearls will be different as well however there are a few common ones let me give you a few examples; your time, your family, you are a pearl, your work. These are only a snippet of some of the pearls in life that we have. Unfortunately these are the things we tend to abuse, neglect and forget about. Why is that? Maybe because people don’t really see these things as important? Or maybe its because looking after your pearls is so hard to do so we just give up and give into things that aren’t so precious. Well whatever it doesn’t matter why we haven’t been looking after our pearls it’s time to identify what your pearl is, what is important and precious in your life and then move onto the second step of not throwing our pearls away which is. 2. Identify what is the swine that is trying to steal your pearl. There are many swine is this world as I’m sure you know a swine is much easier to identify than a pearl most of the time, a swine is anything that you can trade something precious for. For example, you can either exercise to look after the pearl that is your body or eat some Chinese relax and watch ratchet reality tv. Do you get it? Identifying what a swine is is essential so you can stop throwing what’s precious it. Then once you’ve identified what a swine is in your life 3. Come up with avoidance tactics. If you know that you may cheat with someone, if you really don’t want to lose the pearl that is your family then stay away from that person. Run from them like the plague. If your swine is junk food then Goggle the consequences of fatty foods and look up clogged arteries that ought to help! Look for ways to stay away from that swine whatever it may be.

The point is many people only realise how precious their pearl was after they’ve thrown it away, people only realise how much they love and miss their spouse after they’ve cheated and are living with the other woman/man. Children only realise how important their parents advice was after they’ve made a ton of mistakes that could have been avoided if they’d only listened. The list goes on I myself can say I’ve experienced a lot of throwing my pearl away that sometimes I wish I could go back and not do what I did but I can’t and neither can you. So what’s the solution? Sit around and moan and regret past mistakes? HELL NO! Now you have hindsight (and this post hehe) it’s time to act, stop the throwing away what is precious in your life. Is your family precious to you? Stop watching tv or your iPad (guilty) and spend time with them. Is it your work? Don’t arrive late and go on Facebook whilst there then and work your tail off. Is it your partner? Then stop nagging, being cold and stubborn and start working on making them happy instead of always expecting them to make you happy. Are you precious? Then look after yourself, look after your health, treat yourself, believe in you. As people we’re notorious for not looking after the most important things in life maybe from this post we can start protecting our pearls.



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