There’s no doubt who’s number 1

Hey guys, I would like to first apologize I haven’t posted any posts recently due to injuries of not running properly, fatigue and poor time management, but I’m back now and ready to ROAR -well post. So with the apologies out the way let’s jump right into today’s topic. Self-confidence.

Gonna roar like him
Gonna roar like him

The title of this post is from a song I heard recently, the moment I heard this lyric I was like “Heck yeah there’s no doubt who’s number one” the reason why I really love this lyric is

because I love this type of self-confidence I it’s the kind of confidence everyone should have. Although I am someone who isn’t particularly confident amongst people I don’t know, or in speaking in public I do have self-confidence, although at times I have self-doubt. Most of the time I do believe in myself. I have confidence in my abilities, in my work ethic and in myself. I believe if I work hard I can get what I want. That’s why I love that lyric because I think this is a great way to look at yourself, as number one, not that you will disregard others and only look out for yourself we all have a duty to look after those around us because no-one is a island we’re all here to help each other. However, it’s important that we as human beings stop being so down on ourselves, believing that we’re not good enough, that life sucks or that well never make it and adopt this line of thought: there’s no doubt who’s number one and that’s me!

Number 1 is the best. Now think with me if you start believing you’re the best, you’ll work harder because as the best you know that working hard is the only way to get the best out of life. If you believe you’re the best you’ll invest in yourself more, because you know that when you invest time, effort and care into yourself the rewards will be great. If you believe you’re the best you will not settle for anything less than the best in your relationships and friendships because just as you’re giving your best you deserve the best in return. Whew now count how many times I’ve just used the word best in that paragraph jeez.

She definitely believes she's the best
She definitely believes she’s the best

It’s not always easy to believe you’re number one especially in this world that seems determined to compare you to others and try to prove to you that there are other people better than you and that you’re just one small person in this world. But I disagree, you only have one life so who are you to waste it? There are people who wish they could have your life, your family, your opportunities so stop looking at the “supposed” best of the world and start believing your the best. The only reason we think that others are the best is because that’s what other people tell us but if you start really believing I am number one, no-one well be able to take that from you. That’s what matters how you see yourself, what you believe, not what the media tells you you should feel about yourself, not what your mother says or what a bully said to you in the playground all those years ago. Because if you see yourself as the best other people will become infected by your self-confidence and start seeing you as the best as well. Remember if you don’t believe that you’re number one no one else will. It all starts with you.


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