“But I want it NOW!”


This is how I feel a lot of the time especially when I’m doing something with an aim. I like fast results I’m the kind of person who puts in “x amount of work because I want to see y amount of results at z time”. I believe in working hard to get what you want but sometimes I forget that whilst results are bound to come from hard work when these results will come is a different story. I don’t appreciate waiting very long for something, if something takes too long I tend to lose interest I think it’s because when I want something I put my all into getting it and if doesn’t happen at the time I think it should I think ah whats the point I’m done. I don’t like to waste my time. I definitely have “I want it now” syndrome

But one thing I’ve realised is that in those moments where I lose interest and give up that was the turning point, my decision to lose interest and give up doesn’t show that I’m this volatile person with a short attention span all it shows is that I gave up way too easily. You see when things are new and fresh and you feel really motivated by positive encouragement it’s easy to keep going, but when things are really becoming a drag we can start thinking why isn’t it happening yet? I want it to happen right now, and when we see its not going to happen right now we tend to give (well I certainly do).

Now there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging what you want and going for it with all your strength, but when we start thinking I want it now, I want it NOW, we become childish we start using out emotions way more than we should do and make decisions that we later come to regret. Let me give you an example; I start going to the gym to lose some weight, more specifically 3 stones, now logically this is a lot of weight so its going to take a lot of time. So I start off going to the gym 5 times a week, eating well the full 9 yards, I am going in to lose this weight. This carries on for a few weeks but then 1 month and 2 weeks into it I realise I’ve only lost 6 pounds, and I start to become discouraged and start thinking wow all that work and I’ve only lost 6 pounds, I thought I lost more. This isn’t fair I want to lose 3 stone. Oh man I want to lose this weight NOW I’m so disappointed and you feel like this:


THIS! This is the critical point this is where your heart is on the verge of giving up or has even given up, this is the point where all that’s left is for your body to follow and stop going to the gym and go buy a toffee cake from Sainsbury’s. This point is critical because here you can use your brain and think hold up I’ve been working out for 6 weeks and I’ve lost 6 pounds that’s a pound a week that’s good steady, sustainable progress, yes my weight may not be where I thought it would be, but its something so I’m going to work out harder so that the next 6 weeks I can lose even more. That’s what we should do right? In an ideal world but usually that doesn’t happen. In my world this rarely happens.

This almost never happens, I get easily discouraged and start demanding that I want what I want right now! And if it doesn’t happen I give up, maybe it’s a coping technique because sometimes when you feel disappointed you give up because it hurts less than to keep going thinking that your fail anyway so why not give up? The times where I did stick it out have proven to be great successes now, for example, my first ever programming lesson I ran out crying, but I came back and studied even harder for the next semester and now I’m a software developer I’m doing what I studied at university and I love it, I’m in the starting point of my career and I’m so happy that I kept on coding and stuck at it.

On the other hand, I’ve missed out on many opportunities that could have been great because I gave up to early, because I wanted it now or because I overestimated how much work would be needed to get to my goal, so from now on I’m going to strive to follow through, to carry on even when I have neither the strength or desire to carry on, to keep going because giving up means that two things will definitelyhappen 1. What I want will not happen, 2. I’ll become more accustomed to giving up ehich will lead to me giving up more frequently in the future also, giving up means one thing will most definitely not happen which is whatever I wanted to achieve in the first place.


Even Spongebob wants it NOW!

Sometimes you need to just:


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