5 things you MUST do in London

If you’re a native Londoner like me you know that London is the best city in the world #nodebates if you’re not then you should come down and see what I mean. If you decide to come down I am going to do you a huge favour, I’m going to tell you the things that I think everyone in London should do. These range over different seasons so they can be done at any time it’s not just things that can only be done over a glorious summer. Here we go:

1. Go to Oxford street around Christmas time:
I love Christmas, its my favourite time of year the food the weather, family all together it really is the best time of the year, and let me tell you Oxford Street obviously believes it is as well. All the beautiful lights, the yummy waffles, Selfridges, John Lewis, the possibility of snow what more could you ask for. Definitely one of the highlights of the year. And it’s only in London Town.

Definitely one of the best places in London
Definitely one of the best places in London

2. Go to Westfield Stratford City:
Europe’s biggest shopping centre in one of the most the ghetto areas in London. It’s truly an enigma but its amazing cinema, TGIs, countless shops, bowling all under one roof. I do like Westfield it’s close to me and it has all the shops that once where so far. Not only that you can literally spend the entire day there. Go for breakfast, do some shopping, get a neck massage, get your nails done, watch a film, then go for dinner. In short Westfield Stratford City is the best!

3. Go to Taste of London:
Taste of London is one of my highlights of summer, its the ultimate foodie event, basically it’s 4 hours of tasting foods from different restaurants, you can free samples of food, there’s a Lindt tent whose chocolate is so amazing. It’s a really great event for families, friends, its truly one of the coolest things that happen in London. This may take some planning as it happens over a long weekend and the dates change every year and you need to buy tickets to get in but it is truly worth it I’ve gone to Taste for 2 summers and I’ve loved each one.

Attendance is a must!
Attendance is a must!

4. Go the best Chinese takeaway:
I’m about to do some free advertising and I really don’t mind because this restaurant is truly delicious. It’s located in Stepney Green, it’s called Hong Kong Garden and for me I would say its probably the best Chinese I’ve ever had and trust me I’ve eaten a lot of Chinese takeaways lol. But instead of me rambling on about it here is the link try it for yourself you won’t regret it. Oh yes, remember to order the salt a pepper chicken wings DELICIOUS (unless you’re a vegetarian).

5. Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House or Wimbledon:
This is the only thing on this list I haven’t done. Wimbledon is something I always want to do but it hasn’t happened yet. I think every Londoner wants to go but the thought of queuing up early to get tickets isn’t going to happen, especially in the heat. But one year I definitely hopefully will make to Wimbledon, and I suggest if you can you should too its the best sporting event in London and wouldn’t it be so cool to watch Federer vs. Nadal. Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House is something that really appeals to me because I love films and how cool is it watching it in a massive garden or the big screen.

So there it i these are the things I think are fundamental to do whilst in my beautiful hometown of London. What about you? Ever been to London? If so what would you say is a must do? Why not leave a list of things to do in your home town.


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