The N-word

Oh my gosh. I really hate n******. That’s right. I HATE naggers. Honestly cannot stand when people nag nag nag. I would like to just take a moment to recognise that you were probably thinking about something else when you saw the title right (hahahaha genius!). Now back to my point. Sincerely I really detest nagging. I hate it which is why I try to really limit nagging people and I especially hate when people constantly nag. Why? Because 1) it’s annoying 2) it doesn’t change anything (except my tolerance levels which start rapidly dropping) and 3) because I don’t understand why anyone would nag again it doesn’t solve nada!
To really stress my point I’m going to identify 3 types of naggers:

1. The nag whisperers (NW):
These are the people who nag in such a subtle way that most people will not even recognise it as nagging they see it as being persistent. I must admit when I want something I fall into this category and it’s quite effective if done properly. Nag whisperers usually use a lot of pleases and can I? They are usually very polite and use repetition to get their way. Now a nag whisperer is harmless so much so no-one really clocks onto the fact that they are a nag.

2. The naggravators* (NV) :
The combination of nagging and aggravating. These people nag nag nag they are not subtle at all. They nag however in a very intelligent way these unlike the NWs nag to get something done rather than to get their own way, it may seem like one and the same but its not. Whereas a NW may nag because they want to get something they may not be able to get a naggravator nags to get something done. Whereas a NW may be a friend trying to convince another friend to give them something for free the naggravator is usually a boss, could be a parent. They don’t necessarily want something from you but they need you to do something (clean your room or fill out your time sheet) thus the constant nagging, usually they’re in a authoritative position so they don’t need to be subtle and they most certainly aren’t. These are quite annoying but you understand the need and you know the consequences of not complying so you do as your told. The only problem is when the person you’re in a friendship or relationship with a NV it can cause many issues.

3. Nagzilla*:
Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. This is the constant droning that only a few elite people have the ability to tolerate (trust I’m not one of those to tolerate these types well). This one never ends, it’s those people who complain from the moment they wake up till the time they go to bed. Even if there’s nothing to complain about they find something to complain about. Earbuds are needed to deal with them. An example; Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory I love him my favourite on screen character of all time (true) but imagine if you actually lived with him (poor Leonard). These use nagging as a way of communication in their minds they think “if I repeat myself and go louder each time I do it’ll solve the problem”.


Can totally relate!

Now I think it would be unfair to say anyone one person definitely falls into one of these categories as in different situations anyone can be all three or none. Human beings are unique no one is just one thing however these are different types that I have observed and can definitely comment on. Now I turn it over to you which one of these categories do you fall into sometimes? Are you a nag? What is your opinion of nagging is it effective? Unnecessary? Let me know.
One quick note as I looked for pictures most of them showed the women as the nagger hmm. Is this a sexist plot? Or harsh truth?

* Made up word Copyright of SOSO patent not pending



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