I believe in any situation at any given time everyone in the world overestimates. I know I certainly do. Of course some may do it more than others, but everyone overestimates. Be it “I can definitely run three laps around the park” (even though they haven’t exercised in a very long time) or “I think I can save £10000 this year out of my £25000 salary” (although their past attempts at saving have never been successful). Point is, everyone does it now there’s nothing wrong with a little overestimation now and then, however it can be dangerous if its constantly how we evaluate things. For example; say I’m an average employee just does my job, occasionally gets into misunderstandings nothing serious but I’m not excellent, I’m just there, if a big promotion comes up and me with my seriously overestimating forehead start thinking oh it’s definitely going to be me even though I’m the last one to get in, my projects are late and I’m always on Instagram at work. Now if I don’t get the promotion it’s more than fair right? Wrong because in my head I deserve it. And there lies the problem because I overestimated my performance at work I feel hard done by but the reality is my performance is not worthy of a promotion.

This is the dangerous side of overestimating, people hype themselves up so much that it stops being believing in themselves and recognising their achievements (which we should always do) and it starts becoming deluding themselves (which we should never do). You see when you delude yourself with your own perceived greatness you become blind to your mistakes you don’t see any areas of improvements. I have deluded and still do sometimes delude myself in certain situations, but thankfully I have two wonderful sisters who are always ready to put in me check when I’m slipping and other times I can see where I went wrong, which is cool for me but some people don’t have people around them to tell them when their overestimating themselves or the people around them just don’t care. In this case, we need to be honest with ourselves. Sometimes we just need to remove our ego and pride and see the situation with neutral eyes and question if there are things we could do differently, where we need to stop and what we may need to start. Because if your constantly overestimating yourself but the situation around you keeps on contradicting that line of thought you can either end up being one of those people who complain that life sucks and listen to music that says the same (snore) or you can wake up smell the coffee slap yourself and start making changes.

This is just embarrassing!

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying oh walk around with your head down because your probably not as good as you think you are HECK NO! You are fabulous and don’t you forget it. All I’m saying is be real, ok today you may not be able to run your estimated 3 laps but if you take into consideration how long its been since you ran you will see that you may have overestimated your ability today, so reduce it run what you can and work up to what you initially thought you could do. And this applies to everything in life ok you may not be able to lose 2 stone in 2 weeks but if your realistic you’ll see you may be able to lose 5 pounds and then keep going whoops what do you know you’ve lost 2 stone (sure it took more than 2 weeks but you did it). Ok so you didn’t get a promotion (sucks) but instead of sulking that your estimation of your performance didn’t work out just ask yourself what can I do better next time so that I’ll definitely get the next one.

It’s all about a balance you can’t keep overestimating everything because this may lead you to get depressed, frustrated and eventually give up. But you also can’t underestimate yourself because that will lead you to settling for less than you deserve, not believing in yourself and eventually living an normal ordinary life when your so supernormal and extraordinary. Aim for the best always always always aim for the best and remember if you don’t get the best today analyse your estimation and go strive for better tomorrow (so cheesy but you get the point) 😛

Overestimation: In some cases it is brilliant other times its awful!


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