Sometimes you just want to be anywhere else …except where you are

This is my first post, instead of doing an introduction of who I am and why I am writing I decided to jump right into writing. Writing a blog is one of my secret dreams its almost like a guilty pleasure because when I think about it I think what just writing about my feelings, or relationships, music or some other typical topic oh wow how interesting. But secretly I think it would be cool to have loads of people read what you’ve written a like it so much that your blog becomes a success.

But back to the title at hand (or above) it’s very true that sometimes in life you look at your situation and although its not bad you can spot many many changes, improvements that need to be made and can actually be made immediately, but there is no motivation no spark to get you to start making those changes. You can envision where you want to be. You believe that one day you’ll will be there, you also know that to get there you need to take that first step. But that first step just hasn’t been taken today, yesterday, last week and it doesn’t seem that you’ll be taking that first step in the near future if you don’t get out of this rut.

Well, lately for me things have been like this and I spoke to someone who basically said this to me (I’m paraphrasing) “the problem is that you keep waiting for the desire to do something, if you wait for the desire to do something you will never do it. If you want to do something you just need to do it motivated or not”. Now when I first heard this it was like okay cool thanks then I just went on living my life, but today I’ve decided I’m going to do something I want to do and I’m going to commit. So here I am starting my blog and I am going to update it daily even if its a two line post, even if I have no readers because its something I’ve always wanted to do and what’s the point of me wanting to be somewhere if I don’t take the steps needed to get there.

So in fact there are many times in life where we will want to be anywhere other than where we are and we can be. But we just need to get moving because putting of the diet and exercise, not dumping that partner, not travelling, applying, learning, or starting will not help us to get to the place where we want to be. And remember most of the time there will be no motivation to take the first step but taking the first step is the quickest way to get out of where you don’t want to be -and that’s a bonus.


Don’t just sit like this girl c’mon short round! ( Indiana Jones)

So leave a comment let me know what first step you will be taking this week and if you’re not taking a first step why not?


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